Waze adds EV chargers to its app, joining Google and Apple Maps

Waze has released an update that will now allow EV drivers to add charging stations as destinations, just as the app has done with gas stations for years.

Users can search for charging stations or tap icons on the map, and they can also add charging stops along the way.

Waze now shows EV chargers on its map—along with ads for Volkswagen's ID.4.
Enlarge / Waze now shows EV chargers on its map—along with ads for Volkswagen’s ID.4.


It’s not clear what took Waze so long. Google, of which Waze is a subsidiary, has let its Maps users search for charging stations since 2018. Starting in 2019, it has also allowed users to filter stations based on plug type, letting non-Leaf drivers eliminate CHAdeMO chargers. Regardless, the addition is a welcome one if you frequently find yourself turning to Waze to avoid traffic congestion.

As for what inspired Waze, it appears that Volkswagen ponied up some cash to get the chargers added while also allowing ID.4 owners to change their in-app icon to reflect their taste in vehicles.

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