Factors to Consider when Pressure Washing your Car

Have you ever pressure cleaned your car? Or do you look forward to using a pressure washer to clean your car? Unlike regular cleaning, a pressure washer simplifies the process by using high-pressure water to clear off even the stubborn dirt. That is why it will help you clean your car easily using fewer resources and efforts. You only need to follow the right steps, use the right settings, and use the approved detergents that will leave your car sparkling clean.

However, the machine uses high power to achieve the cleaning task; there are things you should do and some things you should never attempt. Otherwise, you can find instead of a pressure washer helping you with the cleaning, it damages your car or even injures yourself, an effect that will force you to spend more money on repairs and treatment. So, before using a pressure washer, know the following facts.

What to do when using a pressure washer.

Never get too close to the paint

There could be too much mud on your car, and you be tempted to apply extreme pressure to the car’s body to remove the dirt quickly. However, this could be a wrong move; extreme water pressure can remove the paint and damage your car. So, while pressure cleaning your car, put the nozzle six inches from the paint and 12 inches from the trim. This creates a safe space to clean the car without damaging it.

Always switch the appropriate nozzle for the appropriate job

The pressure washer has varied nozzles; each spraying pressured water under different degrees. We have nozzles that produce extremely have pressure and those for low pressure used on fragile surfaces. For example, while cleaning your car, sections such as the windows, glasses, and paints are fragile, and high pressure can easily damage them. However, the nozzles adjustments information is available in the manual if you aren’t sure. Still, you can consult an expert to ensure you do the right thing.

Don’t use a nozzle of below 25 degrees

The nozzles are made so that you can easily detach so that you can switch appropriately to clean different surfaces on different heights. However, you should note that when the nozzle is smaller, it emits powerful water steam. So, a small-sized nozzle can easily damage your car, and you should avoid using them on your car. However, you can use small-sized nozzles on surfaces like concrete pavements and parking lots that require extreme pressure while cleaning.

Avoid setting a pressure washer of above 2200 PSI. The furthest PSI you can use for your car when deep cleaning is 1500.


You don’t always need a professional to pressure-clean your car. Sometimes, you can handle the task comfortably at your home, especially when you have a pressure washer. Although a pressure washer is a technical equipment that requires extra care, you can always use the above approaches if you aren’t sure of the settings and adjustments you need to make for an effective cleaning experience.

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