Dell’s XPS 13 Plus Developer Edition gets Ubuntu 22.04 LTS certified

Enlarge / Dell XPS 13 Plus Developer Edition in its graphite color.


Dell is extending its love for Linux to the Dell XPS 13 Plus. The Developer Edition of the laptop has been Ubuntu 22.04 LTS-certified, Canonical announced today. That means the laptop will be sold starting in August with the latest version of Ubuntu, and owners of the XPS 13 Plus Developer Edition can download Ubuntu 22.04 LTS today (even if they bought it with Windows 11) for guaranteed performance.

The XPS 13 Plus Developer Edition is the first 22.04 LTS-certified laptop, joining only some Raspberry Pi devices in certification. However, Dell has been certifying some of its XPS laptops, as well as other machines, for Ubuntu for generations. HP and Lenovo also have Ubuntu-certified systems.

Of course, Ubuntu certification means all the components will “work as expected,” as Canonical’s announcement today put it. Further, Ubuntu LTS certification means the device will have support for at least 10 years. Ubuntu’s release cycle page states that LTS (long-term support) releases include 10 years of “Base Package” maintenance and security updates.

Certified devices also include specific software or drivers that differ from the default distribution where required. These are defined in a meta-package that automatically [installs] the optimal configuration of packages, drivers, and kernel to deliver the best experience on that device,” Canonical’s announcement said.

“These changes make up the factory images used by partners like Dell but are also upstreamed to the main Ubuntu distribution, so that certified devices receive the appropriate meta-package, even when users install Ubuntu themselves.” 

The XPS 13 Developer Edition also comes in a platinum hue.
Enlarge / The XPS 13 Developer Edition also comes in a platinum hue.

Ubuntu 22.04, announced in April, brings a new version of the Gnome 42 Linux desktop environment that promises “increased desktop performance with triple-buffering, more control over… power management settings,” Canonical said. Other changes include new workspace layouts and touchpad gestures and more customization options, like cross-desktop dark style. 

Since 2013, Dell’s Developer Edition laptops have been aimed at coders, and the XPS 13 Plus Developer Edition represents the 10th generation.

Dell’s XPS 13 Plus generally includes a visibly redesigned machine, including a MacBook-like capacitive touch strip replacing the function row and other tricks to enable the use of a 28 W, rather than 15 W, CPU. The XPS 13 Plus Developer Edition laptop goes up to an Intel Core i7-1280P with six performance cores (1.8-4.8 GHz), eight efficient cores(1.3-3.6 GHz), and 20 threads.

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